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Florence Baptistery Original Gold Doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti at Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore Museum in Florence

After years of restoring

The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore Museum in Florence contains a superb collection of works and sculptures belonging to the original decor of the Cathedral, the Campanile and the Baptistery of Florence, above all the "Porte del Paradiso" (Doors to Paradise) by Lorenzo Ghiberti, Florentine sculptor and goldsmith of 1400. These are the original gold Doors of the Baptistery in front of the Duomo of Florence, which after 27 years of restoring are now exposed at the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore Museum, one of the most important Florentine Renaissance works which Michelangelo Buonarroti himself gave the name of "Paradise" to these doors.

Museo dell'Opera
di Santa Maria del Fiore
di Firenze
Piazza del Duomo 9, Firenze
+39 055 2302885

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